Art in All of us workshop for children for The French Red Cross Ivory Coast

    The French Red Cross has appealed Isabelle to stimulate the creativity of several groups of children (around 400 children) in Ivory Coast as part of the psychosocial program from March 2013 to April 2013.

    The working tool during those activities was fun photography and art in general as workshops and curriculum established by Art in All of Us in more than 2,200 schools in the world.

    Isabelle was also responsible for the training of facilitators and staff of The French Red Cross so they can continue these activities after her departure.

    Thus, several introductory workshops in photography and art were held in four centers defined by the Red Cross during 6 weeks: Abidjan (the capital) and all the West Coast border cities with Liberia : Toulepleu, Tabou, and Guiglo.

    Photography plays an important role in shaping our attitudes towards other people, cultures and places. They can be put to good use, even with very young children, to raise questions, challenge stereotypes, develop empathy and encourage respect for their own culture and that of others.

    Photography is a great tool to encourage Art Therapy expression, as a means of expression accessible and friendly for all children. It also stimulates curiosity and opens the dialogue. It is therefore often used in workshop for children “at risk” as child soldiers, refugees, street children,

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